About Jenny Robson

I was raised in England and went to University there. I have a B.Sc. in Physics, with Electrical Engineering subsidiary, from Birmingham University.

I started out my working life as a computer programmer, as one of only two women in a  team of 36 assembler language programmers, writing all the in-house software for a large chemical company, way back in the days of the main-frame dinosaurs in the early 70’s.

I left my job when I had my children, but then began using computers again when I got my first desktop computer 30 years ago. It operated under DOS. For the last 20 years I have had my own Windows computer and have been playing around with my own website, which is all hand coded. I have just upgraded the coding to the latest HTML5.

I have now begun to offer web page design for small businesses using Word Press templates, which reduces the coding time dramatically. Consequently, I am now able to keep my prices much lower than when a whole client’s site was hand-coded.